Don't Give Up!

November 29, 2011
By Anonymous

May 23, 1998 i was born. My mother drug addict, dad a thief. My brother,12, taking care of my sister and I. I was brought to many family members, to me baby sat.My brother stuck on that life was great even if we had no food. My sister use to think whatever he did. They were abuse, but not me but i was still neglected and abandoned just like the. Finally one day someone, my grandmother called child protection services. We were taken from a house with nothing but broken windows and two mattresses. My brother tried to fight the cops off but he couldn't we were leaving that place weather we wanted to or not. Thankfully, we were put in a good foster house and adopted my good Christians. I might have not been physically hurt but i was mentally hurt. I still cant fully trust everyone, I go to counselling once a week, to get help for something i had no control over. I was just a baby along with mt brother and sister why did this happen to us? Sometime I believe i am nothing to anyone but know God has a plan for you somewhere in your hurt and suffering.

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