November 15, 2011
By Anonymous

I love to be with my friends. I like music, I like art, and I like writing. Also, I love photography, and fashion. But what I love more than anything is to feel the warm, thick, red blood run down my skin, down my arms, and drip, ever so slowly, ever so softly, onto the cold floor. (You may think I am lacking sanity, but keep reading, and you will see it through my eyes.) The slashes are deep, and mesmerizing. I can see the bumpy tissue in these open gashes. The blood, all of this warm, lovely blood is running down me. Trickling off my hands, down my stomach, and drip drip dripping on my toes. Such a beautiful color of red, it is. Like no other red, it is just "blood red". And the taste, the taste of this sticky substance, tastes just like metal, but it's such an addicting taste that I cannot stop tasting. I cannot stop feeling this blood. I cannot leave this blood alone. And, of course, I cannot stop cutting.

This is why I cut.

The author's comments:
This is why I cut myself. This may be triggering to others who cut, just a warning.

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on Sep. 30 2013 at 2:58 pm
DevilDancer SILVER, St. Charles, Michigan
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I like  the taste and the feeling to cuz all i ever feel is pain so thats y i started

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