My Interesting Week in Delaware

November 28, 2011
By greater-than_3_love BRONZE, Hatboro, Pennsylvania
greater-than_3_love BRONZE, Hatboro, Pennsylvania
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“Hi Grandpa Ron and Grandma Joanne!!” I happily said, followed by my brothers Christian, Jonathan, and Hunter, my sister Emiley, my cousin Ariel, and my mom Lori.
“Hello everyone!” Grandpa Ron and Grandma Joanne said to us.
We were in Lewes, Delaware for vacation. The day before I was at home getting ready, packing and such when the earthquake hit. But sadly I didn’t feel anything; my mom said it was because I was standing. We left on Wednesday August 24, 2011. On Thursday we went to the beach and had so much fun. Friday, the hurricane was just about to hit us so we had to go shopping, and get gas just in case we got evacuated. I was so happy we were on the news! We were at the gas station and a reporter was taping the huge crowd of car trying to get gas while we were waiting for my brother to get done pumping his gas when…
The reporter asked, “I saw your license plate and noticed you were from Pennsylvania, are you guys going to leave?”
“I don’t think so we will see,” my mom said.
Christian argues and says, “Yes, I am!”

After that we have to go home and board up the house in case a tree branch falls or one of the windows smash. First we say bye to Christian and Hunter who were too scared to stay so Christian (since he is 20) he drives home. Now it’s time to watch Jonathan and Grandpa Ron drill the boards on the house windows, it was very fun to watch. That night it started raining. Saturday, it was raining hard and the wind was blowing fast. The deck was getting flooded so every once and a while we had to sweep it off from the wind blowing rain in (the deck had a roof). Then my Mom and grandpa Ron rescued a baby bird that couldn’t fly and put it in the deck later that night we saved its sibling. Sunday it stops raining and we go to the boardwalk watch Jonathan and Grandpa Ron playing this game that you get shocked and it was funny watching their expressions and listening to their squeals. Then we got personalized shirts that said We survived Hurricane Irene… we got this!! Then on the back all of our names.
A girl came up to us obviously drunk and said, “Did you die?!?”
“No, I’m pretty sure we are still alive,” my mom said.
That night when we were supposed to be asleep, Jonathan was crawling or should I say “slithering” across the floor saying, “I’m a sneaky snake!!” or “sneaky snake”.
He began jumping on the bed and licking us and stuff (Jonathan is 14 at this time only a few days before his 15th birthday) My mom was going to turn on the light but he “caught” her and she was doing something somewhere, I couldn’t see where she was. Monday, we had to go home but with more cherishing memories.
“Bye Grandpa Ron and Grandma Joanne!!” we all said.
“Bye kids, bye Lori!!” Grandpa Ron and Grandma Joanna said.
Then we went home and we are excited to come back next year.

The author's comments:
how my summer was and how weird my family is. O.o :] <3

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