Commercial Much?

November 28, 2011
By bigredhead257 BRONZE, Horsham, Pennsylvania
bigredhead257 BRONZE, Horsham, Pennsylvania
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“I’m so bored,” I whine.
Sasha sighs, “I know, there’s nothing to do.”
“Let’s go buy some candy,” Yuliya mumbles. Even thought Yuliya is five, she can’t talk that well so she always mumbles.
I groan, “All you can think about is candy, candy, candy.”
“Why don’t we play cards?” Sasha asks, obviously bored of all the candy talk.
Yuliya folds her arms across her chest, “No, 'cause you guys never play with me! I wanna play too!”
“What?” Sasha asks.
I sigh, “She said we never play with her and she wants to play too.”
Sasha shakes his head and walks out the door. He probably went to go play Grand Theft Auto in the bathroom where “no one ever bothers him”. I don’t think that he realized this yet, but if he’s in there for a while I knock on the door and tell him that grandma made lunch or whatever. It always works.
“So, what should we do?” I ask.
Yuliya smiles, “Let’s go to the candy store, or let’s go buy some ice cream.”
“No, I don’t have any money.”
“Grandma does. It’s either in her wallet or her pocket.”
“What? It’s true.”
“Whatever, we’re still not going.”
Sasha walks in and sat on the bed with – what else? – The Nintendo in his hands and a sandwich in the other.
“We just had breakfast,” I tell him while I hungrily eye the sandwich.
“So? I’m hungry,” he replies.
I roll my eyes. If anyone could eat forever, it’s my cousin.
“Lesh watch eeeveee,” Sasha says to us, with a mouth full of food.
Yuliya rolls off the bed, “No! I wanna play dollies!”
I roll my eyes, “Got turn on the TV.”
My cousin took the cover off of the TV and then he plugs it in.
“I think that Don’t Lie to Me is on,” Sasha says excitedly.
I quickly glance at the clock, “It’s already been on for 15 minutes! Go to channel 1+1.”
Yuliya is staring at the remote, “Which button is that?”
Sasha and I shout, “2! Press button 2!”
Yuliya quickly pressed “2” and ran out of the room.
Sasha groans, “It’s commercial time.”
I sigh, “The commercials are so stupid! I mean come on they have been showing the one for sensitive teeth for years now, and it’s totally annoying!”
“I know.”
So we are still watching commercials and the one that’s on right now is about toothpaste. The doctor is asking these random strangers if they want ice cream or freezing cold water and they’re all like, no. My cousin is saying yes, yes, yes and it’s really funny. Then Sasha starts telling them to go give the toothpaste to goats. I seriously have no idea where this goat talk came from, but this entire summer everything seems to revolve around goats.
“That…is…so…hilarious.” I said gasping for air. I don’t remember the last time I laughed so much. Soon enough I feel hot, salty tears pouring down my face. I always cry when I laugh too much, but I don’t know why that happens.
Soon after that a new commercial comes up. This one’s about body gel. Ughhh, I hate the song that is in the background for this commercial. “Oh, Palmolive my gentle gel…” See? I told you it’s stupid.
Yuliya rushes back into the room, “It’s the gel commercial! My favorite!” And she starts singing, “Oh Palmolive my gentle gel…” Well you get the idea. She has a good voice for singing, but this commercial is just horrible.
A minute or two later my grandma comes in with three pieces of fresh baked cake. The air is filled with welcoming warmth and I feel like I’m in a bakery.
Grandma happily says, “I brought cake! Eat up.”
We all scream, “Yay!”
That was a really fun day. It would probably be boring to other people but I was literally rolling on the floor laughing. After that we actually did go to the store and bought huge lollipops with gum inside. Yuliya also loves those. We also did watch the show we were waiting for, but the commercials were more fun to watch. Now that’s what my cousins and I do when commercials come, but that’s only in Ukraine.

The author's comments:
How i spent my summer. :]

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