the slip the plash and the sploosh

November 28, 2011
By Anonymous

The SLIP the SPLOOSH and the SPLASH!!!!! ?
By: Jada Sullivan
SPLASH!!!!! I turn my head real fast and there she is in the pool with her new skinny jeans all wet. I tried to hold it in, I really tried, but the next thing I know I was bursting out laughing! When she finally got out of the pool she was furious with me that I was laughing at her. Wait I’m getting ahead of myself, that’s now how it all started. It started when our neighbors asked us to help them around the house…

I got a call from the neighbors. They are very old so they can’t really do that much around there house, so they asked us do some chores for them.
I didn’t want their money because that would be rude, so when we were all done I asked kindly, “Instead of money could we possibly swim in your pool?”
Mrs. Lucille replied, “Of course, you did a good hard day’s work. Thank you!”

That’s when my brother and I ran home and get our bathing suits on.

That’s when it hit me.

I couldn’t just have my little cousin watch us play in the pool when she does nothing. That would be just plain mean.


I hit the stereo and turned on some……?

KATY PERRY!!!!!!!!!! She was so excited she jumped up out of her seat and stated singing and dancing.

“Baby you’re a firework!!”Kori sang. (My cousin)
I hear a scream.
I turned my head so fast. Cracking up, I see my little cousin in the pool soaking wet in little, tight, skinny jeans. Soon after she came up gasping for air, and holding her nose!!!!! I guess the strong smell of chlorine shot up her nostrils and tickled it a little bit. I could tell by the look on her face when she got out of the pool that the chlorine smelled bad and that she was mad at me because I was laughing at her.
After five minutes we finally went back home to go see if my aunt would be mad that Kori fell in the pool.
She was, at first.
Soon after she didn’t care she was just mad she had to clutch her hand around a hot iron to do my cousin’s hair all over again!!
At least it wasn’t me that had to Kor’s hair so we got our bathing suits back on and we pumped up the party.
You could see in her little cute face that she wasn’t mad at me anymore and that she was having a blast!!!!!!!
That was our day at the pool.
Don’t ever go to the pool with my little cousin! <3

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