Trip to Camel Beach Water Park

November 28, 2011
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It was pitch dark in the tube, but it was astounding! I was with my friends, Holly, and Grace. There were two new slides at the Camel Beach Water Park. One of the new slides was yellow, green and orange. It had a really big tube, and it was open on the top. In the beginning, then when you were starting to go down the slide, you started to go into a toilet bowl hole kind of thing. They are my friends, and grace is scared of things like this sometimes, so when we went into the tube part, she screamed at the top of her lungs,
Holly and I both screamed too, and laughed at her.
Once we got out of the tube, it opened up again. Then we went back and forth about 2 or 3 times. Then, there was another tunnel, and of course, this time we all screamed!
“THIS IS SO COOL!” holly screamed.
“IT’S SO STINKIN CRAZY!” Grace yelled.
“GRACE SHUTUP!” I shouted.
Once we were out of the tunnel, it shot us down into a big three feet pool of water.

There was another new slide. It was orange, and it was just a big long slide down the hill. It went up and down the hill, and it went pretty fast. You could fit four people in a tube for this slide, and the big tube would spin around as you were going down. I screamed all the way down! It was so much fun! Holly, Grace and I went on this slide probably about two or three times. The first time we went on it, we just went with the three of us. The second time we went, we made my mom go on it with us. She was so scared! My mom is afraid of heights, so obviously she did not like this one! We went down the slide again with my mom. She was screaming the whole way down, and before we sat down in the enormous tube,
she said to us,” Girls, you owe me big time for making me go on this!”
Then, as soon as we started going down, at about the middle of the slide, there was a waterfall. Shhwwoooooosssh! The water poured all over us! It hit Holly and me. It was actually really cold, but really funny. On our way down the slide, the tube spun around so we each eventually got hit by the water that falls in the beginning. At the very end, there is also a little waterfall type thing, that squirts water out on both sides. On that water, my mom and Grace both got hit. Now that was really funny. When it hit my mom, she screamed, “Blaaaaaaggh! “She hates getting splashed by water. When Grace got hit by the water, she looked like a mouse in a mouse trap! She did NOT like that! Grace’s face was priceless!
Camel Beach Water Park is my most favorite water park ever! They have about twenty slides, as I would guess, and they are all amazing! I have gone on all of them in all of the times I’ve been there! I would have to say that my favorite slides are the two new ones. I am not sure what the names are, but I know that the two new ones are an orange one, and a yellow green and orange one. At first, when I saw the two slides I was a little scared and nervous to go on them, but now, I’m not scared of any water slide! Whenever we go to camel beach, those two slides are the first two slides I always go on when I go to Camel Beach. I could go to Camel Beach Water Park any day!

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Rawrimaduck25 said...
Dec. 7, 2011 at 9:55 am
Nice Story!;]
nose.pigs101 replied...
Dec. 7, 2011 at 9:56 am
thaaaanks. i dont really think its that good thougggh,
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