If I Could Write A Letter To You

November 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear you,

I will never understand why you chose to do this to me. I will never know. Why? Because you’re a million miles away somewhere doing whatever it is you do now. You were one person I thought I could always trust and you told me I could. Now? Now, because you met someone who doesn’t like me… You won’t even talk to me. I tried to get along with all of you and your friends. They didn’t want me around and neither did you. It’s the nasty things you and your greasers say and do makes my skin crawl. Calling me a w****? I’ve never done anything that would even remotely classify me as one. You used to tell me everything and from what I can tell, guys were dying to be with you. You lie to people and pretend to like things you don’t. You say things you know you don’t mean, but those others girls want to hear. I wish we had never met. I would be just fine with never knowing you or the pain you’ve trusted upon me. I’m so sick of people like you. Low life scum that believe they’re better and treat people like dogs. People like you don’t deserve friends. I used to love talking to you and knowing you was a friend. That was the past and you were a different person then. You’re totally different now. I don’t need you. Yes, I deleted my blogs and blocked you on face book. I did it because I’m sick of seeing your fakeness and your lying face. I’m waiting to block you on twitter. I know you’ll unfollow me soon and when you do, I will block you. I sat down today and thought hard about this. You made me miserable and I thought to myself if I ever met you face to face, that I would punch you with all my might. I wanted nothing more than to see you get hurt like you hurt me. After I thought this, I began to think about how happy I am without you. I feel more confident without you. I’m getting ready for the biggest change in my life. I always wondered why I never met someone special. It was because; you cannot love someone until you’re at peace with yourself. Now, without parasites sucking the life out of me, I can live. I can finally be me without you. I can finally find what I’ve been waiting for. You can stick with the other fake girls, but in the end when I achieve everything I ever dreamed of and you get nothing… Well I guess you’ll get to envy me. I’m done with you, forever. You hurt me so badly that I was distraught but, now I know who I am. I feel so much better without you. Enjoy being alone when those people turn on you like you did me. Enjoy it when you hurt like I did. It’s coming for you. What goes around comes around and karma is always waiting for the next bully like you. Don’t think for one second that I would reconcile. I’m done.

Love, the girl you will never be, the girl who will concur her dreams and the girl you will never ever have as a friend again. Me.

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