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November 25, 2011
By , Ventnor, NJ
I heard this quote, "You have to be cruel to be kind," and it reminds me of this town.
Every time I walk through the hallways of Ventnor schools all I see are anti- bully posters or giant letters spelling out "respect" in all different languages.
If only "respect" and "anti-bully zone" were actually phrases to describe what the students demonstrate.
I've been going to this school a while now. Right by the beach, beautiful neighborhood, and kind atmosphere. Ironically, the residents are just nasty. Sure, they look average, but behind every pretty face is a some what rotten core.
In school you'll hear people making fun of our foreigners, "Oh, you no speaky English? Then why are you here? Might as well drop out of school now and start mowing lawns for a living!" or maybe making fun of the special needs children, "You can't even read properly, you'll never go anywhere in life!" and then everyone surrounding laughs. Usually out of fear of being rejected from the click, or just because their hearts are as cold as the recent weather. Finally when someone speaks up they get laughed at or a why-do-you-even-bother look.
On the streets you'll notice that neighbors don't interact often unless they're long time friends because if they do fights break out. I've heard people calling each other white trash, monkeys, airheads, retards, idiots, faggots, and much more inappropriate words. I just don't get why everyone acts this way.
I do admit, i barely stand up for anyone. Sometimes it's the person's fault, and all the other times I just don't want to get mixed up. Yea, so maybe I don't want a spotlight--good or bad--sue me.
I keep my distance, most of my friends are two or three years older living in cities thirty to sixty minutes away, and it really does work. I could be friends with jocks considering the fact I'm on the football team, but I choose not to. So maybe I don't stand up for everyone because I'm not friggin' superman, but at least I have the decency not to communicate with the asses unless I really have to.
We don't have to be cruel to be kind.

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