Moonlight Sonata

November 25, 2011
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Almost every night, I try to find peace of mind for myself to think about anything and everything. However, there is only one topic that’s constantly on my mind. I lie on my large, cozy bed, staring into the darkness of my ceiling with my fingers crossing through each other on both hands on the back of my head seeing the sunset-colored light shining through my blinds from the power pole outside my house, and I wonder if she’s thinking of me, too. The process of my mind repeats over and over again every day. Whether I’m home alone or taking a test at school, somehow and someway, she crosses my fragile, little mind. They say “nobody’s perfect,” but she turns the tables. She is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met in my entire life. There is nothing negative to be said about her. Her hair is winter fire: straight, smooth, and soft. When I look deep into her gorgeous, green eyes, they become the remote to the television in my heart. Once they make contact with mine, instantly, my heart is set in fast forward mode. Her dresses, skirts, and even school spirit clothing hits me every time. It’s a strange, yet an amazing feeling, to have. The first time I laid eyes on her, I knew she was one of a kind.

We knew each other since we both play in the band, but not personally. I never bothered to simply say, “Hi” until I saw her play my most favorite piece of music on the piano. The piece was a slow tune called “Moonlight Sonata” written by Ludwig Van Beethoven. The tune is built with all sorts of emotions. It can be notified as sad, horrific, deep, touching, and, ironically, happy. Many people, preferably music lovers like me, say that the song makes people think of life, issues, and decisions.
As soon as she started to play the touching tune, instantly, my heart was in her hands. I decided to walk up beside her, fold my arms, and watch her fingers prove magic exists. She didn’t play the whole piece since there was no sheet music, but when she abruptly stopped, I looked through her compatible eyes and said, “That was amazing. I love that song.”
With a big smile on her cute face, she replied, “Thank you.” From that day forward, I’ve been in love with the piano. I thought to myself, Maybe, I could start to bond with her through our love for the piano. I tried and still try today, but I don’t want to ruin her relationship with her boyfriend. I’d rather keep my feelings hidden in the dark than tell her and perhaps scare her off or, even worse, end her relationship. Instead, I’ve decided to learn a song, perhaps “Moonlight Sonata” or a song she likes to play, by ear and play it for her when the time is right. During my study hall period if I have nothing to work on, I go to the band room and practice playing the piano. After studying her love on music, I came to realize that she isn’t the normal girl who just loves music. Literally, exactly like me, she understands the language the tunes are giving out to the listener. At that moment of realization, I was amazed how we went from two total, complete strangers to “music buddies.” Unbelievably, we talk almost everyday, and that puts a smile upon my face that I cannot deny.

Sometimes, I believe I, insanely, go out of my head to think we’re alike; however, I believe we truly are. The little coincidences and eye contacts get to me and make me think right away that we’re meant to be. For example, the math teacher would ask us, “Are there any problems you would like to see?” She and I would raise our hands, and when she is, and usually is, called first, she’ll say the number I was going to say. For example, one day, I was thinking of number 18. Mr. Flory, our teacher, called on her and she said “Eighteen.” At first, I thought it was just a coincidence, but then, it kept happening again and again. Yet, it still happens today. I came to the conclusion and decided what action I should perform. I decided to start talking to her just to get to know her a little more. It was a stressful summer, but when school started the same time marching band season did, she made all the stress disappear. She sat behind me in the stands where the band sits for Friday night football games.
Since late September, we’ve simply talked about our lives, interests, hobbies, etc. Unfortunately, she likes to show affection when in a relationship whereas her boyfriend does not. Affection defines who I am and shows how much love I really have if I was in a real, true relationship that is. After discussing various life topics, suddenly, I envision her when her name comes running across my mind. I see her at her house at nighttime by herself. Maybe she’s home alone, just happened to wake up in the middle of the night, or simply couldn’t sleep. My thoughts deepen and see her walking into the room where the piano is and just softly playing “Moonlight Sonata” without a mistake while there is a full moon with its bright moonlight glistening through her window shining so brightly she can see all eighty-eight keys on the piano clear as day. I still can’t figure out what makes me think that. I will take it as a sign or some sort of message.

Once I text her, my mind plays games on me. I’m afraid to just simply say, “Hey.” She says she’s slow when it comes to texting, but I truly think that she doesn’t want to talk to me. Instead, I use plan B. and send her recordings I did from the piano to start the conversation off. Sometimes I ask her a question that I already know just to get her to respond. I’m afraid I’m annoying her, but she claims everything is all right. Hoping she’s telling the truth, I asked her if it was all right to sit beside her on the bus for the last away football game. She accepted and said I was more than welcome to. I brought my laptop with me and remembered I had the DVD movie, Orphan, in it. We both are in love with the horror movie, so we decided to watch it on the way there and back. Then, a sudden change began.
On the way back to our school, I realized I was watching my favorite horror movie (which reminds me of her because she loves the movie as well) with my dream girl at nighttime just the two of us sitting next to one another. A few people in the far back behind us were singing a love song that I haven’t heard in months, which put a smile on my face. I truly believe God was giving me a message to do or say something. Not knowing what to do, I nudged a little closer to her and she nudged back. My heart skipped a beat or two, and every five minutes or so, I scooted closer and closer. I didn’t want to take it too far because of her relationship, so it stopped there.
Once we arrived at the school, she asked me to take her home because her parents were out somewhere. Without hesitation, I accepted. We put our uniforms away and grabbed each other’s duffle bags, and I walked her out to my car. I unlocked the squeaky, rusty passenger door, opened and shut it for her. With my luck, I thought my car wasn’t going to start. Nevertheless, it started right up like it was brand new. On the foggy way home, I apologized to her if I came too close to her while watching the movie on the way back from the football game. She stated it was all right and that it was her fault as well. Her boyfriend never pays attention to her, so she missed it. We pulled into her mansion-like house, and she thanked me for the ride home. “Anytime,” I said.

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