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November 24, 2011
By Abdallah17 BRONZE, New York City, New York
Abdallah17 BRONZE, New York City, New York
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In the summer of July 2010 my family and I went to Florida for a summer vacation. We were getting there by airplane. This was going to be my 1st time going on an airplane. On the car ride to the airport I couldn’t stop moving due to my excitement. While going to the plane I asked my mom if I could get window seat. She said ok but your brother gets it when were coming home. Once we got in the plane I ran to the back where our seats were. When everyone was buckled the plane went up in a slant heading up. My mom was scared like crazy. She grabbed my brothers and my hand in horror. She closed her eyes when it was over. When we were in the sky the people became ants and the cars and roads became smaller. About 30 minutes we were really high and I couldn’t see the people or roads just a chunk of land. It felt like I was looking at the world but, it was just North America.

When we were ready to land plane became bumpy. The wheels shot out and it hit and bounced on the concrete pavement until it stopped. My family and I got out of the plane and went to a rental car place. We had some trouble because the car that we were given was too small for us so, we had to get a bigger one. It took like a couple of hours but, to me it felt as if it was a decade. I was very impatient. I kept moving and I kept bugging my two sisters and my two brothers. They were getting annoyed with me because I was so impatient about us trying to get a bigger car that I kept moving and running away and they were trying to keep me in one place but, that didn’t work. Then when we got the rental car we hopped in and we drove to our house. One thing I knew about our house was that there was a pool so, I was really excited. My mother and I had brought new pairs of short a week before. I was really surprised that there was so much traffic in Orlando. But, there were a lot of people coming down to Orlando for vacation.

We got to our housed and parked the car in the driveway. My dad grabbed the key and put it in the key hole. He turned and wiggles the keys and turned and the door shot opened. When my dad opened the door as soon as everyone got in our mouths were opened in shock. We went in my mom and dad bedroom; there was a queen size bed with dressers around it. Their bathroom was huge it had a shower and a bath tub and a hot tub. It had two sinks with a huge mirror and cabinets. My older brothers, my grandma, and I checked out the other rooms. My grandma room and my brothers room was the same as my parents. Then we went into my two sisters’ room which only had two beds and a closet. Then we headed towards me and my older brother room and it was the same as my sisters’ room. But, our bathroom was across from our bedrooms’. After we were done exploring the house and I couldn’t wait to have fun.

The first thing I did after we looked at the house, I ran into my room and changed into a pair of swimming trunks and ran straight for the pool. I was so excited to get inside the pool that I knocked over my sister, opened the door, and just jumped in the pool. I was so excited that I was in the pool that I couldn’t stop jumping up and down in the pool. I was doing back flips, cannon balls, and dives. My two older brothers’ joined me and then came my mother and my sister. My other sister and my dad were on the chairs getting a sun tan. My grandmother came out to join us about five minutes later. We were in there for a good hour. The next three days that we were there we went water parks. There were so many slides everywhere. We had one day were we just stayed in and spent the whole time in the pool. On Friday it was packing day and we went out to one last restaurant. Florida was an amazing trip. I had so much fun. On Saturday we headed back to the airport and boarded our plane. I was sad to leave but, I was excited to go home and see my family.

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