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The Outcast And Society

November 23, 2011
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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1. Humanity - The human race is nothing more than despicable swine thriving off of innate ability to recognize what's right in front of them, they foolishly try and relive the stereotype that their society fulfills. This obligatory sense of stupidity baffles me in the sense that it serves no useful directory purpose. Why would anyone choose to follow so blindly in the footsteps of those before them, the media that portrays them as such, or their peers who simply abide to a common code of similar mentality just in a futile attempt to blend in with their surroundings. This does not pertain to, nor does it single out any one particular race, gender, or culture.. This is my self assertion that most of the human race is pathetic trash.

They outcast those who are the brightest, the most capable, those who extend friendship from beyond a different viewpoint.

2. Value - You may ask yourself whom are these outcasted individuals? It is simple. The ones you may not expect. The ones who hold different values in high regard are the ones shunned based off little more than a differential based on premature judgement instead of reason. These kids are sometimes the bullied, the ones who prematurely "mature" at a rate quicker than most of their peers, and yes sometimes this even applies to older persons and adults in their right aspects who feel a sense of abandonment by the world.

3. Self-Rejection - Yes this term may seem confusing so I shall elaborate. Some people are willing to go to the extreme of rejecting their own values and code, in order to embrace something adopted by a group and or autonomous unit of people who share one common theme. This term also applies to those who simply reject the society around them for a large number of reasons. Resentment of authority, misunderstanding of the commonly expected social norm, disgust of the behavior of peers and so on and so forth.

4. Desperation - When immense feelings of unaccepted standards, feelings of loneliness and worthlessness transpire in an individual, feelings of self loathing, depression and even suicidal thoughts may persevere. They struggle with whatever their troubles may be, and fail to find an outlook on life that correlates in a positive expression, so they turn to other ways that may be self harming or illegal as means of expression and as a coping mechanism. I.E Drug Abuse, Self-Harm, Manipulative Tendencies, Suicide Contemplation. Over Eating, Thoughts of Murder etc. As a means to an end, most of these symptoms and characteristics, when left unchecked, can lead to serious problems later in life, and could possibly be fatal.

5. Introvert and Extrovert - The extrovert personality, thus far as I have described it, would not typically experience any of these feelings. They can coordinate well and cooperate well with the stand norm and well directed ways of life. Socially adept, with little difficulty making friends they tend to experience regular problems and their own views on life.

The introvert however, does not possess these luxuries, they find difficulty in expressing emotions freely, have difficulty in social contact and show tendencies to dislike small talk and pointless conversation. Socially insecure they are poor conversation starters and only feel at ease when people share like minded attributes and if they have something the introvert can relate to....if these necessities are not met the introvert begins to feel a sense of rejection and or isolation *sometimes self imposed, other times forced* and struggle on a regular basis.

I believe strongly, that this is a highly serious issue in schools, which leads to bullying and tormenting of kids. And in adults it may lead to harassment. I have finished my rant and I hope I find those who feel as strongly as I do on this issue.

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