In Terms of Ice Cream

November 23, 2011
By Anonymous

Lots of people use ice cream as an analogy for sexuality. However, they use chocolate and vanilla, claiming the argument that everyone, in their original state, is really bisexual. Maybe this is true. But I don’t think of it that way. I think of boys as Rocky Road, which I am ninety-nine percent sure has nuts in it. I hate nuts and ice cream with them. Girls can be Mint Chocolate Chip. I’m always up for Mint Chocolate Chip. It’s amazing. How do people dislike it? But I fully respect the ninety percent of girls and women who prefer Rocky Road. Because let’s be serious, the other Mint Chocolate Chip lovers and I are a minority in this analogy. So I don’t always understand why they like Rocky Road, because it’s not at all enticing to me, but I’m not going to deny them the right to eat it. Why do so many people have to go against me eating my Mint ice cream? It’s what I like, and I didn’t choose for it to be my favorite flavor just like I didn’t choose to be a lesbian. So that, in terms of ice cream, is me.

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