School Spirit

November 21, 2011
By Jessebrookner BRONZE, Coral Springs, Florida
Jessebrookner BRONZE, Coral Springs, Florida
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JWhen I think of spirit, High School is what comes to mind. Throughout everyone’s lives, they grow up seeing movies about going to school football games, pep rallies and actors showing their school colors. But, for some odd reason, our school, American Heritage, has no school spirit at all. I can’t understand why we suck so much at this. For example, during the homecoming activities, a little more than half of the seniors weren’t even there. I mean come on, it’s your last year in high school and you’re too cool to hang around and cheer your fellow classmates on during the activities. What else would they do? Probably just go home and out to lunch, I’m sure they had a lot of fun doing that. Although the seniors are at fault, it’s not just them.

My grade, the juniors are just the worst. Every single one of them have no spirit at all. Once again, they won’t go to a school activity because, well I really don’t know. Only half the juniors showed up at the homecoming dance, really? People are supposed to enjoy these years instead of complaining about how the school sucks at what not. No one will ever get these years back no matter how hard they try, so why not show spirit and have fun with friends in and out of school. Even the ones who went to the homecoming game just sat there lifeless. It was such a joke looking at them because I know they didn’t want to have any part of that game at all, and I don’t understand that at all. Maybe next year our school could show some more spirit and not just show up with jeans and a T-shirt on homecoming week, but I’m guessing we won’t, so why even bother complaining about it?

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I just felt strongly on the subject so i wrote about it

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