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November 19, 2011
By kakrazz BRONZE, West Nyack, New York
kakrazz BRONZE, West Nyack, New York
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In a swift motion, I moved my finger to click Tumblr so I could reblog pictures boringly. Many images and written paragraphs have caught my eye focusing on one thing only: Teen Life. Mainly girls talk about their loving boyfriend, their hair, awesome hippie clothes, music, and their depressing high school life. It, in a way, amuses me how these girls so willingly post about their problems and yet in reality act as if everything is normal and perfect. That is the beauty of our ignorance, insecurity, and Tumblr.
For those who don’t know what Tumblr is, it’s a site where one could create their own blog and follow other blogs that would post pictures/articles that have something to do with their personal interests. For instance, if I loved photography, I would follow a photography blog and therefore when I sign on, my Dashboard would be filled with that blog’s photography posts. It is simply reblogging or liking a particular photo/article that catches your eye. Tumblr could be as addicting as Facebook because simple photos and articles could describe one person almost exactly. So well that many girls post their problems and concerns to the world of Tumblr so that in a way they could feel loved and not the only girl in the world who has that problem.
I have a Tumblr and my own dashboard is filled with different type of pictures that I seem to reblog way too much but I’m starting to find Tumblr to be very ironic. Many girls log on to express their feelings about their insecurities yet they reblog photos of ridiculously skinny girls with hipster clothes that no one even wears in reality. They plead reality in their complaints and yet they favor all of the photos that cause insecurity in the first place.
When I say many girls act like that, I mean it. I could name at least twenty blogs that have that issue but I did not say all. There are some blogs who truly sign on to reblog photos that they love and would like to have on their personal blog. I truly respect blogs like that because it shows that they aren’t phased by the pictures of girls under ninety pounds who are put on a high pedestal by other bloggers. Tumblr can never cease to amaze. This website always shows some uniqueness to it that attracts many teens like me to be yourself, whether it’s being an insecurity girl or one showing your true colors to procrastinate. I’m the procrastinating one.

The author's comments:
I hope that girls on Tumblr who are very insecure, to step out and truly be yourself. In this generation, there are so many insecurities that girls possess and I wish everyone could be happy the way they are.

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