Rock&Roll Maya

November 19, 2011
By SophiaK BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
SophiaK BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
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I waited anxiously as my mom and dad talked in low voices, deciding if we could get a dog.It felt like they toward over us. They were the skyscrapers, and i was townhouse,quivering in their might. All this excitement was boiling up inside of me and I lost control, “ Mommy daddy, can we please, please, pleaaaaaasssssseeeee get Maya!!!” “ We had such a good time with her earlier!” I practically screamed
Earlier that day
“DING –DONG!” A women stood at the door while her dog jumped up and scratched at the door. You could only see her ears which were perked up when she jumped back down to the ground.
“ Guys this is Catherine, a friend of mine from work, and her dog…” my dad said, looking questionably at Catherine.
“Maya” Catherine answered, with a really cool South African accent.
"Hey, I’m Leah and these are my sisters, Sophia and Clara.” My older sister said.
“Cute puppy!!!” five year old Clara said.
“Yeah, she's adorable, how old is she?” I asked.
"She’s only one." Catherine responded
The adults started talking so my sisters and I, getting bored, ran back to our game of Monopoly (I was losing) Maya and Catherine came over to watch.
"This forty year old women would rather hang out with kids then adults. She's so cool, especially with that accent,” I thought to myself.
It was my turn to roll the dice and before I could pick up the dice, Maya grabs them very gently, and then throws them back on the table. She rolled a seven for me, and my piece hit " Free Parking." I just won over a thousand dollars that had been sitting in the middle for like ten minutes. I was finally winning.
" Catherine, I think Maya has magic powers!" I said in a false calm voice.
My mom had come in and saw us all giggling, and we told her about what just happened. My mom started laughing.
Out of the blue my sisters and I, all at the same time, asked "Mommy can we please keep Maya!” My mom made us leave right after we asked. " What! No! Can we please stay?" We all asked.
"No, get outside NOW!" my mom said in a raised voice. We played with Maya and we realized she was the most perfect dog for us. A little crazy, goofy and totally weird." If we can't keep her we might as well enjoy these little moments with her." Leah said, so we continued to have a blast with Maya
About fifteen minutes later my mom called us back inside. It was like getting called to the principal’s office. We stared unblinking into our moms eyes, hoping against hope she would say yes.
“ Mommy, Daddy, can we please, please, pleaaaaaasssssseeeee get Maya!!!” “ We had such a good time with her earlier!” I practically screamed."" We promise we'll help out with her. She's so perfect for us and you saw how she acted with us! Leah even said we should enjoy every single moment with Maya, and we will" I blurted out.
A puzzled expression crossed our moms face. I touched Maya's ears, and the warmth of her breath calmed me. I really hope she wouldn't have to leave. My stomach was turning, and my brain whirred. I just hoped we could keep her.
"Ok, I guess, but you better help out with her" my mom said with a smile on her face.
"OMG REALLY!!! THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!!" we all shouted.
Thank god we convinced our mom to let us keep Maya. All because Maya just had to pick up the dice and roll them.

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