Lying To Get Friends

November 19, 2011
By Anonymous

I use to live in a big town and go to a big school. If someone was gay/bi/straight no one really cared. They were friends with them no matter what. I know that some gay people are way more fun to be around then straight people and I know this because I have a lot of gay friends. When I moved to a smaller town I had to go to a smaller school. I know news travels fast in a small school, but one day someone came up to me and asked me if my best friend was a lez or bi. I said she was bi. Anyway my best friend found out and now she isn't talking to me. She means the world to me and I didn't mean to hurt here. Apparently she wants me to lie to people just so she can have more fake friends. She thinks that just because she is bi no one will accept her. If they were really her friends they wouldn't care no matter what! She is still a friend to me but she doesn't care about me anymore apparently. I think it's really stupid to get mad at someone for telling the truth. Every since I was little people wanted me to tell the truth. Why stop now?

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I just needed to vent my feelings because I told someone that my best friend was bi.

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