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November 18, 2011
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I feel the words running through my veins; shivers running down my spine as I read the next set of lines. The world fades around me like a song in the distant background. My mind immediately sets up a movie in my head. It’s as if I’m in the forest running for my life being chased by the Dark Circle. It’d seem impossible to outrun them with their white stallions, but adrenaline has its way of working things out. My chest burns as if on fire and my legs are so sore I’m afraid they’ll buckle on the next step. Trees fly by so fast I don’t know how I haven’t hit one yet! There’s a terrible pounding in my head, as if a hammer is nailing right through it. I soon start gasping for air; my voice so raspy you’d think it was the first time I had spoken in years. I soon start running out of hope and I’m slowing down. An arrow flies past me missing me by inches. The horse’s hooves are right behind me sounding just like a marching band! I stumble under my feet and trip on a vine that came out of nowhere. I roll into a clearing and instantly hear the sound of a waterfall up ahead. From my fall The Circle had caught up and I could feel the horse’s breath on my neck. Suddenly the diamond necklace I stole from the Queen doesn’t seem to be worth this much trouble.

Then suddenly I’m free falling in the air; mist hitting my face like a rude face slap! My dinner is threatening to come back up, and I desperately look for something to hold on to. There is nothing. I had accidentally hit the waterfall’s edge now falling towards my doom. The water is coming up surprisingly fast, too fast for my liking! I roll into a ball bracing myself for the freezing water. I close my eyes so tight that I see stars and red blotches across my vision. The water is deafening; I hear nothing but it. But it soon embraces me, knocking me out and taking the air along with it! It is like a bomb had gone off in my eardrums. I feel the vibration go off through my whole body; and I think the waterfall is loud! The water forcing itself down my throat brought me to my senses. I opened my eyes but my vision was too blurry to make anything out. I was tossed so many times I didn’t know which direction was up! I reluctantly gave up the last bit of air my lungs had saved to see which direction the bubbles would float up. My lungs feel as if someone had shoved a small roasted sun in them! I frantically swim up… and I hit the water’s surface!!! I gasp for air and look around me, only to find yet another waterfall…..!!!

I jump at the sound of my mom’s voice calling for me to do the dishes. I was so embraced with the book it pained me to put it down! Something about the book’s stories and the obstacles the characters have to face, just seem more interesting than my own problems. I like to escape my world in the book’s passage, pretending like I don’t have a pile of homework right in front of me. I unwillingly get up to do the dishes; staring lovingly at the book in the corner of my eye.

My books and I have a weird connection. I feel as if I know the characters, and love them deeply, so it tears me apart when one of the characters dies in the story. I feel as if something has been taking away from me, and I want it back.

The saddest moments of reading are when I finish a book or series. When there are no more books in the series it gives me the impression that the characters are moving on without me. That’s why I read another book almost instantly or the pain eats at my insides.

The happiest moments of finishing a book is when they make a movie out of it! You feel special when you’re watching the film, as if you know the characters personally! It’s fantastic seeing the movie in your head being played outside of your mind’s barrier! But it’s also so hard when you know what’s going to happen next, but you can’t say or you’ll spoil it. Sometimes I talk to myself to keep my mouth from giving it all away!

I love to read! (As you have noticed) and I can’t wait to read the future generations work of new adventures! You never know, maybe one day you’ll be reading one of my novels!!!

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Mike6546 said...
Dec. 5, 2011 at 7:28 pm
This is really vivid, very well written
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