The Troubling SAT's

November 18, 2011
By TheatreHunter BRONZE, King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania
TheatreHunter BRONZE, King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania
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I signed up for the SAT’s just a few short days before they were given. I printed everything out, and as usual, I was studying my heart out from cover to cover of all the SAT study books. I knew what problems would be on the test, which ones I got wrong, how to skip questions, how to take the best guess, everything. I might not have known everything on the SAT’s, but I sure mastered the test procedure.

I arrived on test day at my school with papers in my hand, and a backpack full of essentials for taking the test. I felt like I was preparing for war. I had a strategy, a backup plan, and a clear mind to take the test, that is, until I finally turned in my form to take it. I printed out the wrong form. I couldn't believe it. Not only did I not pay for the test, I wasn’t officially allowed to take the test. All that studying for months, all the scribbles in the books, all the questions, would come down to nothing.

I said I'm sorry maybe a hundred times and waited for a response from the teacher who said, “we’ll just put you down as a stand-by test taker.” I was thrilled. Technically, I wasn’t even signed up to take the test but I was able to take it. After the test, I felt at ease, I knew I did really good this time and I was excited to receive my scores so I could send out my applications to college.

It was the day scores were to be announced on the website and mine weren’t there. It didn’t even say that I was registered for a test. I was just about to send out applications and now I had to wait to get my scores. My dad called frantically and asked how to get them and they said we still had to pay for the test. So we sent out the money and form as fast as possible to them. They said it would take two weeks to get the new scores. I knew I did really good on this last test and I was so sad because in two weeks, I would probably be getting letters from colleges who didn't receive my best scores.

But, another miracle happened yet again. The scores showed up online two days later. I was able to send my applications and my scores to all the colleges and was finally free of the headache of the test and the whole procedure itself. I don’t know how, but everything that happened just turned out to be a miracle.

The author's comments:
Just a short story of what happened to me during my SAT craziness. I definitely learned to relax about college and school in general.

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