November 17, 2011
By DavidSt.Clair BRONZE, West Monroe, Louisiana
DavidSt.Clair BRONZE, West Monroe, Louisiana
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"I'm not after fame and fortune. I'm after you." Rise Against

I can’t help but to notice the ridiculousness of the mascara ads I see. Women actually think that Mascara actually makes them hotter? And I guess they think guys care about their hair too! HAH! I can’t help but find the idea a bit odd. I mean do girls honestly think that random guys actually care to look them in the eye? Get real ladies.

I can appreciate girls wanting to look pretty (not hott) by putting on mascara. This doesn’t affect the hottness of the women, but under the right circumstances, it might be cute. An example of a situation where mascara would be appropriate to wear would be a date with a significant other or another situation where you are constantly making eye contact with someone. Mascara isn’t bad, but it is worn at the wrong at the wrong times.

My experience with mascara is probably normal for a sixteen-year-old guy. The only times I notice it are when someone messes it up and it clots on their lashes, creating small masses of mascara. They look like little pebbles laying on someone’s eye lashes. The only other times I notice it are when either my mother or girlfriend use it. I notice when my mother wears it, because she rarely takes the time too, and if I didn’t she would throw a fit. I notice when my girlfriend does because she doesn’t wear it often and when she does it may indicate that there is some occasion. There is a similarity between the two reasons that I notice, but there is also a significant difference: I look my girlfriend in the eye. My mom makes me tell her that she is pretty.

Wearing mascara is ok but just like everything else, if you do it habitually it loses value. When people say, “I love you.” repetitively it becomes redundant. It makes me want to say, “no s***. You guys only remind each other of that every twenty minutes.” If you wear a tuxedo every day, it isn’t special anymore. If you wear mascara everyday it’s not special. Especially in this case because guys might not even know that you’re wearing it if you wear it every day. How would they know the difference if they have never seen it without the mascara? Remembering that mascara shouldn’t be worn regularly is important.

Here is a mascara ad: I think that it’s important for me as a heterosexual male, to comment on the ad. Is there any difference? Because none of them really look any different to me. Other than the fact that the girl closest to the camera looks like drool is about to start pouring out of her mouth. Long eye lashes don’t make up for drool ladies. Sorry.

I guess girls think that a guy would say to his cronies, “DUDE! DID YOU SEE THAT GIRL’S EYE LASHES?! I can’t wait to get that girl’s shades off and look her in the eye. Pshh I’m gunna tear those lashes up!” Is that really what you think they say? Honestly? Even if it was, is that really what most girls want guys to be looking at?

In the name of research, I took it upon myself to have a more personal experience. I let a classmate apply mascara to my eye lashes. I don’t feel much different. Except I can certainly feel the wind blowing into my eyes. It feels pleasant I suppose. Although I wonder what will happen if I get the urge to scratch my eye lid.

The girls in the class told me that I had long, pretty, eyelashes. I feel so special!

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This article has 2 comments.

on Nov. 26 2011 at 12:21 am
DavidSt.Clair BRONZE, West Monroe, Louisiana
2 articles 0 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
"I'm not after fame and fortune. I'm after you." Rise Against

The article doesn't say "Don't wear make up." It is simply an article from the point of view of a "strait male." The article was never intended to offend any one. I apologize if it has done so.

on Nov. 23 2011 at 1:25 pm
emoali18 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Well to be honest, you are in fact a guy, so you don't necessairly completely understand the thought process. Mascara, and makeup in general, is for girls to feel more confident. Why it makes us feel confident? I don't know, but does it really matter as long as it does? Trust me, we don't put it on for you.


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