Anayah Is Gone

November 16, 2011
It was a cold winter day. Snow fell from the sky in a fast pace. The streets were paved with ice. I searched for my mothers blue kia while standing in the school yard, freezing. I spotted the vehicle parked beside of the school. I walked to it cautiously not to slip. I opened the door, and stepped inside. My mom pulled off, halfway down the street, my mom gave me some menacing news. "Anayah passed away this morning", she said. I felt empty on the inside like a balloon.It then seemed like the world stopped. I fell into a deep dark state.All i could say was "Oh". my family then met up at my aunts house, this was a time we just needed to be together. We sat in the living room, sharing memories of her for the seven or eight weeks she was with us. None of us could without shedding tears. That's how much her death affected us. The next morning we all woke up to attend her funeral. We did not have a wake. A limo came and picked us all up from the house. I remember following the pearl white hearse on our way to the burial ground. And it all happened so quickly. Before i knew it, my baby cousin was being lowered into the hole her body would lie in for eternity. I could not hold them any longer, my tears flowed out like a broken dam. My mom then came and held me tightly. There was only one thing that assured me everything was going to be fine. As we set off the pink and white balloons into he sky, they took the form of an angle, which told me, Anayah was safe.

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