The Wrong Path

November 17, 2011
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There is something to be said about being the pregnant girl in your class. Nothing you say can undo the change in the feelings of those you could call your friends. Everything you do is wrong or taken wrongly. There’s never any room for you. Parents look down at you, because all they can say is that ‘thank god it wasn’t my daughter’.

You don’t need to be pregnant to be the pregnant girl in your class. All you need to be is on the wrong track in life. You could be a substance abuser, for example. Or not be interested in your studies. Or even just ‘bad-company’.

All it means is that people are terrified about getting into positions that they wouldn’t know how to get out of. It’s a good thing, in a way. It keeps people disciplined.

So here’s to the complicated webs we weave. Here’s to trouble, for telling people that it can happen to anyone. Here’s to consequence, so people think twice before doing something stupid. Here’s to crying your eyes out when love happens in the wrong way and here’s to not equating death with stopping.

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