November 15, 2011
By Cause_OneMore BRONZE, Farmington, New Mexico
Cause_OneMore BRONZE, Farmington, New Mexico
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"Life Is Beautiful"

-Press Play

Afraid to live. Afraid to die. Pulled in every direction. Consumed by every selfish thing. This girl asks “Why, why am I so lost?” As a voice of hope speaks out saying “You’ve fallen from your faith, your love, and father.” She weeps with everything.“Oh God how have I gotten so close, then so far and so distant from you? Why am I so consumed with the worldly things around me,whenn I know what’s right from wrong?” As the voice speaks, the girl starts to look back on what used to be. The flashback is of her on a stage singing a song and showing how put together she was, and all the struggles she has gone through. The voice says “My child you’ve chased after the wrong things. Yet in your mind you tell me you know what is right. So why do this? Why hurt me? I’ve given you everything and anything I could. I am relentless after you with my love, my hopes, your dreams, and our aspirations. So why fall into the wrong directionwhenn I give you everything you want and need?” As the girl gets pulled back into reality she steps out saying “I am not who they think I am. I live a double life. I am relentless to keep my image. If they ever find out the real me I will be humiliated. I will be a joke for everyone to laugh at. Why can’t you see that I cannot become what you want me to be?” The rejection went on and on with her. You see this girl contemplated giving up on life several times. She thought if she was gone no one would care at all. Day after day she would weep and yell at the top of her lungs. “Why am I broken hearted? Why do people see me as finewhenn I am broken on the inside? I’ve been crushed and shattered into ten thousand pieces. No really cares about me.” She had viewed life like a never ending circle. But one nightwhenn sitting writing a song she had a revelation. Some thing had became alive in her. The voice spoke through her song saying “You are loved you are more than you know you can be. You are perfect in my eyes. Let me lead you and you will see that you will be breathtaking.” Falling on her knees she asks God to forgive her for everything that she has done. Finally she accepts Jesus into her broken heart that has been mended together by the one and only powerful love of God. She was afraid of reality, afraid of the right thing to do. This girl is now confident and ready to take on the righteous path that God has laid out for her. She is relentless after the one ambition.She is ready to take on the vision, that has been put into her head. She will be a leader, reaching out to broken, lost ,and once shattered souls as she once was.

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