The feeling of pain

November 5, 2011
By Anonymous

Well I was swimming freestyle all out trying too hard and my body was on overdrive. It was the last two laps as I did a really fast kick into the wall and i turned my feet hit the wall and the moment I pushed off all I felt was straight pain. I literally screamed in the water, I pushed myself to finish, to fight back the tears streaming down my cheeks. When I finally touch the wall. I lean my head, on the gutter and breath jaggedly, suddenly my stomach lurches, my head spins, I feel like I'm gonna pass out. "GET OUT!" my conscience screams so I try. I cry in pain as I struggle to get out, but when I do, I try to get up, but I have no strength, my legs are something I can't feel and all I feel is pain and I cry silently, because one I can't get up and the pain is unbearable. My mom asks me if I want her to call 911 and I say no, so a mother who is a doctor comes to check me out. They try to losen my hamstrings as she says, "She pulled it, no wonder why it hurts, we have to get her up." so as they pick me, up I shake uncontrollably, when I'm on two feet I feel pain and all I wanna do is collapse. Soon enough they sit me down and try to loosen it up and stretch it out after 5 minutes or so the pain passes its still there, but not so bad that I can't walk so I walk to the showers and take a hot shower and think about everything while I was still scared that my legs would fail out while taking that shower. Luckily I was okay, but it was scary, I felt like someone set fire on my legs, then all the sudden with that fire came the feeling of nothingness. I finally learned the real definition and every single time I think I'm in pain now, I will always remember what real pain feels like.

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