I walked there barefoot......

November 12, 2011
By Zenfish BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
Zenfish BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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I walked there barefoot, with childlike anticipation. Trains, no trespassing, gravel, rocks, rusty nails, broken glass, blood, and hardship. I had lost my glasses a few days before, so I could hardly see anything; this just made it better. I arrived with thoughts of silly symbolism and conceited content. Walking blindly over this rough, dirty ground with my vulnerability exposed as the soft, pink flesh of my sheltered foot. I didn't f***in care. I was feeling good. Thankfully this notion quickly gave way to the tracks. They were so obviously a metaphor! These wooden beams of human innovation stood apart and slightly higher than the dirty, unstable gravel-covered ground. The wooden tracks held in place a long single rail. Cold to the touch, a weathered rustic. I saw that the loose gravel and rocks were the ironic antinomies of the everyday 9 to 5. A generally unquestioning and basically flat existence. Occasionally you would step on something sharp. But these wooden tracks. These wooden tracks were sturdy, bits of truth, axioms, pillars of interest, someone's conscious art, a testament of human intuition. And as it turns out, you can use the tracks support to stand on the rail at first. Ah ha! a discovery, a revelation, something new. You begin walking, balancing, and trying hard not to fall off. You can see more than most. You can start walking and learning, trying to broaden your mind and knowledge, passing over these tracks one at a time. Apparently moving forward is progress, so you keep following that feeling. But as you walk you can't help but notice you aren't getting any higher. In fact you were so focused trying to keep your balance and stay going straight that you've come a fairly long way without realizing it. You try to think back or look back to where you started, and you see that that specific track is so far away that it doesn't even support you anymore and you can't even see it. Did it look anything like this one right below me? Can I even really remember it? You finally look ahead instead of focusing on your feet. You can see that the tracks go on for a very look long time. You can see in the distance that they eventually veer left, and out of sight.

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