November 7, 2011
By Anonymous

“Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go.” – Christian Larson

To have faith is to have belief and patience in someone or something and know that what ever it is you can overcome the obstacles in life and look fourth an opportunity to seek your goals in life work hard and you’ll find your answer in what you seek. In faith there are plenty of different meanings but a lot of people misunderstood the meaning. The meaning I see it used a lot is to have belief in something or someone you want to be successful aand doesn’t mean not have faith in yourself it just means you know you can achieve a goal you have set for yourself. One thing for certain is that faith is in everyone and they look at it in a different perspective. love is a big part of faith in my opinion because it takes faith in a relationship.

“faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into light.”- Helen Keller

The reason i depend on faith is because i had an experience in life that is unforgettable and was extremely hard to overcome. The time spent away from home my mind was blank and i had no hope for myself but then i thought i should look towards something to keep the edge off and i learned about faith. It opened my eyes and gave me a better mind setting from here on out i can think clearly and work on my life . form telling myself that i cud open up to other people and share whats going on in my mind . Well anyway i found a way i could relive my stress and cope with my problems and i give thanks to the people that helped me and i give thanks to myself for opening up to suggestions. faith has made the person i am today and i will remain this person that can help any body.

“faith helps maintain sanity and provide knowledge.”

-Paul Martinez

Self awareness takes a lot of introspection and a lot of surveillance of ones self . Also to be sane takes faith meaning you should always keep yourself motivated toward what your trying to achieve and remember to remain sane. knowledge is the main strength in ourselves and we choose when to show and present that strength, which means people that mess with our staff or bosses minds we know that you are capable of achieving that goal or what ever it is. Times get harder every day and now its time to wake up and get ready to use your knowledge to its extent. take this faith and hold it close and never let and it will never be the same way if you hope and not put fourth effort. if this is what you want then you’ll enjoy what you would try to succeed also you want to keep your knowledge in a place easy to access and work your hardest.

“pain is a killer but faith is a savior .”

-Paul Martinez

Things get harder as time goes by and we feel anger sadness and misunderstood. In time we begin to rely on faith and move farther in life as if nothing were effecting us. In personal experience i witnessed the most amazing thing which is when you have to people that are in like with but something happened and these people fell out of love but there are still friends, why is that? I think its because
these people realized that faith was there but it wasn’t there when they were together so they decide to remain friends instead of lovers. Faith is a very magical trait in life i think everybody should have but a lot people choose to remain lonely and rely on nothing but fear and anger. faith is the thing to side with because it means you have belief in your self . love is can hurt but it can last awhile but watch out for the people trying to pull you down .

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this essay means alot to me because i needed to help myself and believe into faith and that i can

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