October 26, 2011
Did you ever wonder
What it would be like to live amongst thunder
Or how about the deep blue
Where you can swim, be free, do whatever you want to

This is all in our heads
Unlike reality once we get out of our beds
Why do our dreams seem so far away
They never seem to stay

Everyone has two sides to themselves
People see the good book and the other just sits on dusty shelves
Some have different dreams and goals
That will, one day fill their souls

People are not always understanding
This just helps you see who is really supportive and truly caring
Who support your future dreams and ambitions
No matter the number of complications

Those few that are there
Through the ware and tare
These people are real and true
And will forever stick by you

Fulfill your dreams
No matter how hard it seems
You will get there someday
It doesn’t matter what they say

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