Everything Change

October 26, 2011
By Gabriela Freites BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Gabriela Freites BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Living a normal life as usual, going ti school, go out with friends, spend time with my Dad and family. Born in Delaware, United States and grow up at Dominican Republic, with divorced parents and live the major part of my life with my Dad.

One day I decided to live to the United States, I knew that everything was gonna change and be different one of those things are my Dad, family and friends I'm not gonna be able to see them every day the second thing is the weather changing from hot to cold.

have all ready take my decision and on September 11 of 2010 I moved to the United States. the first day was fine. Obviously I was gonna be in the school a week later I went to my first day of school everything was so different, I remember I was so happy and excited and I felt a little awkward too.

Haven't past a month and I all ready star missing my family, friends and especially my Dad . With every day passing was getting to hard for me to live in this country, the weather, the food, the friends, the school everything was very different, I began to be depressed.

School year ends and the summer vacation stat and I took a flight to Dominican Republic to spend my summer vacation with my Dad. When I got there I was feeling so good and happy becuase I was with my Dad, family and friends had a great time. Summer vacation is over feeling a little sad and mad because I have to go back, Now I have a year and almost two month, some things are more better than before getting use to it except for the weather, but a little happy for now

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