My First Deer

October 25, 2011
By Caleb Susa BRONZE, Greenwood, Wisconsin
Caleb Susa BRONZE, Greenwood, Wisconsin
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Suddenly I saw my old man shift he turned to the east. Which is where the majority of the deer always cross our shooting lanes I then heard a lot of noise the unusual sound in the woods when all was quite just a few moments before.
It was the crashing and banging noise not of a squirrel which has short fast strides but that of a deer which has long slow strides. I then saw movement it was getting closer and closer and my pulse was racing the adrenaline was pumping I was shaking like a tree in a wind storm then I probably couldn’t have hit it any way. All of a sudden the noise stopped as did the movement and my heart dropped “they must have seen us” I said to myself then all of a sudden a deer walked across my shooting lane I pulled up and saw that it was a doe and it stood there a little while and I decided that I would wait and see how many there where because they would have to cross my other shooting lanes anyway so I let it go then another one came also a doe and then two more which where both also does then as I was starting to feel disappointed a buck stuck his head in there and “I thought to myself your mine” and he was he walked in to my shooting lane. I aimed and squeezed the trigger the gun went off and I saw him jump and then he plowed face first in to the ground with an hhhhhheeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuhhhhh noise that must have lasted for a minute at least and I said, “I got you, you*********” My old man said, Good job you little ******* nice shot now be quite”.
We sat a while to make sure it was dead then I went down and gutted it then we took it home and nothing tastes or smells better than fresh grilled venison. I have grown because now I am confident that I can take any shot out to 300 yards with confidence though ethically I hope I don’t have too.

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