My "Something"

November 3, 2011
By Anonymous

Is it just me, or is laughter really weird? Think about it: whenever something funny happens, people make guttural, ape-like sounds. It’s rather incongruous – yet somehow, I love creating laughter.
Last summer, when I was in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar, the cast was taking promotional pictures. Everyone was exhausted, but the director remained stubbornly indifferent to our weariness. How fitting that, to take our photos, he positioned us execution-style against the wall.
I soon found myself facing the camera. But since the singers took their microphones, it seemed only fair for me to pose with my instrument: a 40-pound keyboard. So I hauled the piano onto my shoulder, risking a hernia for a great photo. Apparently, the possibility of me injuring myself was enough to brighten the mood; pictures were a lot more enthusiastic after my not-quite-Herculean display of strength.
While physical comedy is entertaining, I also enjoy verbal humor, like recurring jokes. In AP chemistry, for example, my teacher once asked whether we should weigh the beakers for an experiment. I answered, “Yes, because if you don’t and you should’ve, you’re screwed.” Since then, my teacher has used me to emphasize any point he wants to make explicitly clear: “If you don’t do this... Brandon?” I’m always happy to finish his thought.
Witty one-liners are another personal favorite, as well as sarcasm. Still, I’m never too proud for self-deprecation. You should know, for example, that I play basketball like Edward Scissorhands plays piano.
I should probably make a clarification here: I don’t usually think to myself, “Hmm… What can I do to be funny today?” Now that I’ve offered this disclaimer, though, I can confidently declare that humor is my “something.” The world is a funny place; I do my best to take advantage of it.

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