Use Your Money wisely

November 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Have you ever gone shopping before? Shopping is the act of a person who uses money wisely. One learning experience that I had was using all my money for shopping and not saving it for important things. For instance, I use money for candy instead of helping my parents pay bills, buy food for family, gas for the car, and other important things I should save.

Earlier, I knew what I was going to use the money to help my mom pay the internet bills, which was close to 40 dollars. But what I did was bad and stupid. One day my friends asked me if I wanted to go to the movies. I wondered if I should save my money or spend it. Also I only had 40 dollar on me. Finally, I decided to go to the movies with my friends. I spent almost 20 dollars there. The money I had left I spent going shopping after the movies. When I got back home from going out with my friends, my mom asked me, “Where is your money? We need it to pay the internet bills, remember? ”. I told her that I spent it all to go out with my friends. She started to shout at me. I told her that I would not do that again and I also apologized to her, but she rejected my forgiveness. I felt ashamed of myself and sad for doing what I was not supposed to do. This experience taught me that I need to value my money and not spend it foolishly; otherwise, I would not have enough for important things.

After hearing my experience, you should remember to use your money wisely so you are able to pay for all the necessities. Also, family always comes first before using the money on fun things, such as candy, going to the movies, going to the mall, going out to eat, and other non important things. You should use your money wisely, making sure to ask your parents first if they need your help. If they don’t need your help with money, then you could use it any way you want to. Again, use your money wisely on things that are important.

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