Getting in trouble Is Bad

October 31, 2011
By burrito BRONZE, Appleton, Wisconsin
burrito BRONZE, Appleton, Wisconsin
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“Hey!! Both of you stop talking.” said my teacher. “But we aren’t the only ones talking.” We said. Being respectful in school is an important thing. If I act like some of my friends, I can hurt others and my self, because if I do what they do I get in trouble too. I could also get a teacher fired. But we all learn and look back from our mistakes.

Well what I learn is that I can get in trouble by getting influence by others. Because of that I almost got the teacher fired. But I’m so dumb that I didn’t see the consequences of that; until now. But that’s to late now. When I did that I didn’t see deeply in the consequences. Now that I had the time to look back I said to my self why exactly I did. Then I’m like “I had to do it for a reason.”, because I got kick out of class. So it might have been something bad. It all started like this…
My friend and I were in band and we were whispering and the others were talking, but “really loud”. Time was passing; he became to yell at us, making fun of us, saying bad jokes about us; about Mexicans. Believe me or not. I got tired of it and so did my friend. I started to get offended. So I went to talk to a teacher about it and she helped us, she said “He probably didn’t mean it like that.” I was like, “he does because he doesn’t like us and when my friend and I talked you couldn’t even hear us. The ones who you could hear were the other people there. But what I hated is that he won’t tell them to be quiet like how he told us.
When I told the teacher that was helping me, she told me to tell her everything and the truth. I mention that I was failing his class. I said to her “I play what he tells me to play, I go to the place we have to go to play and I’m still failing his class.” After I told her every thing, took me to the principle’s office so we can talk to him about the situation. At the next day at band our director wanted to talk to us after class. He first talked to my friend. She didn’t even want to listen so she walked away. Then he called me over and but when I tried to go my friend won/t let me go, she would say “don’t go he’s stupid and bla.” But I did go and when I got there he said, "I saw how your friend didn’t want you to come. Why are you getting influence by her, she’s a bad friend. About what you said to that teacher and the principle, you know I can get fired because of that.” I said, “Yea Mr. I know, but you don’t have the right to telling me and her bad jokes about us.” This conversion went on for a little bet, cause then I walked away cause I wanted to start crying. When I got out the class room I went to talk to the teacher that was helping and I told her what I did and what he told me. I told that if pleases she could just take me out of that class cause I couldn’t stand be there and she said “let me see what I can do. Let’s go and talk to your guidance.” My guidance teacher said that I could get out with out penalty if I waited for the date that she told me; I did. But I just couldn’t take it no more, but I really don’t remember if I waited or I just got out. One reason I got out I couldn’t take it was because I was there by myself and my friend wasn’t there no more. Also cause I was the only Mexican there and no other kid liked me.

Now that I look back, I say to my self why exactly did I do that? I might have done it for a reason. Now that I done that I regret it, because I do like playing my instrument. Also I didn’t finish that class; I even think that’s in my records. Now that I’m a sophomore I went back to band. I got in it just because I was going to finish my credit, but that I’m in it again I’m just going to stay there until I graduate.

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