The Very First Ghosts

October 31, 2011
By Anonymous

When ever you get scared just pretend nothing is there. Never let fear get in your way. One day you will overcome it. If you feel fear, be brave and be strong. I was probably five years old when I started to believe in ghosts.
I remember the first time I saw a ghost. It happened when I was at home with my parents while my older bothers and sister were at school. I was in the living room alone and I heard a cup being set down on the kitchen table. I didn’t care much because I was too busy watching my favorite cartoon show, but as I didn’t care much I heard it again. This time it was much louder. At first I thought it was my mom, but later she came to the living room and asked me to stop pounding. When my mom said that to me, I was frightened and it made me think that there was a ghost in the house. After I heard my parents close the door to their studio, I heard the sound again. The cup was set down three more times, more slowly than before. A few minutes later I had to go to the bathroom, so I ran. When I got into the bathroom, I heard nothing but the sound of me flushing the toilet and washing my hands. Then when I was about to turn off the water, I had a feeling. Right then I turned off the water, lifted my head and but the feeling was going away. Every time I took a closer step to the door I had a feeling that the ghost was behind me, but when I turned nothing was there but a cold breeze that went through my body. I took a hold of the door knob and opened it. There was nothing there, but when I looked around carefully, I saw a white and black shadow moving. It was waving towards me, to come closer. Suddenly, I quickly ran and opened the door to my parent’s room and cried really hard saying I saw a ghost. At first they didn’t believe me. Days went by and I kept hearing the noise. Weeks went by and I got sick from being scared when I heard the noises. My parents decided to “Ua Neeg “and fix me. After we were done doing the Hmong spiritual thing, I got better within a few weeks. I guess my parents decided to talk to the house owner and ask about the house. The house owner said that there was a story about an old woman that had died. The owner of the house said that she died from an illness she had for several weeks. She was found dead in the afternoon in the kitchen. She had been dead for three days in the house.

As the months passed, my parents had a talk with me. They told me to be strong whenever I got the feeling. They said that the more I fight it, the weaker the ghosts get. So ever since then I wasn’t scared any more, but I still believe ghosts exist.

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