In His Arms

October 31, 2011
By , Appleton, WI, WI
“Someone asked me if I missed you, I didn’t answer. I just closed my eyes and walked away then I whispered “so much “– Carpe Diem.

People asked me this all the time. They asked why I prayed to let you go, it’s because I had to test out my different beliefs. Well I didn’t believe in god until I asked him for one thing. To watch over Jesus.

See my parents believe in God. They pray every night. I did it only once and he didn’t answer my prays. I got mad. Then I thought to myself that maybe I was too little or he thought it was a foolish request. That a guy i didn’t even know was watching over me. I didn’t get it then but I know now that he was watching over me.

Later , I was convinced that he was actually there when the worst thing happened to me. It was when my boyfriend Jesus was coming to see me. It was a rainy night. I wanted him to come over badly. He had to get on the highway to come to my house. While he was on the highway he made a bad turn. His car flipped two times and an hit other car and hit the stop light. He ended up in the hospital. I found out later that day. I went to my room, and cried. Then I prayed to God for him to be ok, and I also prayed that nothing should happen to him while I was on me way to the hospital. I got there later that day. I had to go to the ICU to see him. When I was there the doctor told me that he was in a coma. The doctor only gave him 2 weeks to wake up from it, and if he didn’t wake up, then he’d get disconnected from life support. Within those weeks I prayed to god to take him into his arms and let him be safe. Two weeks had passed. God listened to me. I know I made the right choice on letting Jesus go because I know god was caring for him.

Every now and then I pray to God knowing his watching over me. I had to learn the hard way, but it only made me stronger. Now I know that both Jesus and God are watching over me, caring for me and protecting me.

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