how to go through a haunted house

October 28, 2011
By kaylamarie2018 BRONZE, Bedford, Kentucky
kaylamarie2018 BRONZE, Bedford, Kentucky
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About every person in America has gone through a haunted house or at least been to one. But did you know that there is a proper way to go through a haunted house.

Step one: Always go with at least 2 buddies!

This is helpful because if you just bring one person you could lose that person and end up by your self-scared. Also you could bring more just in case, so you can be surrounded by a lot of people.
Step two: When going through a haunted house put a person in front of you that you trust and someone behind you that you trust and have the person you trust behind you wrap their arms around your waist and lock their fingers in place. By doing this you will never lose the person in front or behind you. And if someone wants to try to get between you and your trusted friend to try to scare someone.
Steps three- when you do get scared do not be afraid to scream at the top of your lungs.
By doing this it relieves stress and also lets the people who are putting it on know that you are scared and enjoying it.
Step four- If someone does touch you, you have the right to hit them.
It is a haunted house and not a hospital.
Step five- If you do get to scared always tell someone(one of your buddys) and have them start making jokes about the people and things that you see.
By doing this you don’t think of being scared you, but you think about how stupid the people look or how fake something looks.
Step six- Make sure when you pick a haunted house read all of the reviews and pick one for your money, that will last a while and always check the scare factor. So in case you get scared really easily, you will not go to something that you may regret going to.
Step seven- Do not run through the haunted house because then you will not get to see anything and you could fall and your very well trusted buddies will then fall with you or keep you from falling..
If you do end up falling you could hurt yourself and the fun will turn into real horror.

My story.
It all started the weekend before Halloween. We were all sitting around and really wanting a scare. It was me and my two friends Sydney and tori. We founded a haunted house that seemed like it would be a lot of fun. So we went.

The haunted house was industrial nightmare, in Louisville Ky. We were warned before we went that it was going to be scary but we knew we could take anything, well at least some of us did. Sydney the one I told you about early was getting scared and did not want to go in. but we made her.

We walked in and it was pitch black, the walls seemed to keep getting closer to us. She had her arms wrapped around my waist. She kept squeezing tighter. We walked around the corner and she screamed at the top of her lungs and then started running but I was in front so she just ran into the back of me and we both feel to the floor with tori fallen beside us. We got up and quickly walked to the exit.

My stoy shows just a couple of things that could happen in a haunted house and I am showing you that it has happened to me.Please remember these great steps, tips and the great stoythe next time you through a haunted house (:
Don’t get to scrared!!

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