Christopher Lee

October 28, 2011
By courtneynicole BRONZE, Milton, Kentucky
courtneynicole BRONZE, Milton, Kentucky
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now faith is confidence of what we hope for and assurance of what you do not see
-Hebrews 11:1

About a year ago, if you would have asked me who this was I might have said something like I don’t know. Or why are you asking me? Maybe even is that Corey’s brother? Either way I didn’t have a clue about who he was but that all changed mid September of last year when I met

Christopher Lee.

It was Sunday, nothing much really going on at all except the apple festival…

To people like me this event is dreaded but to others it is the biggest thing since Bedford bash. I went though because my friend practically forced me. But still either way I went within 5 minutes of being there we were with there we were with other people her ‘friends’ there was a guy there to she kept flirting with him. He didn’t really stick out in my head I just saw the basics he had his hair in a bandana and was all sweaty….he didn’t really look like my type and to this day still isn’t, in fact I began to notice that we were exact opposite of each other he had a bright smile and I had a droopy frown, I left after about an hour of being a ‘tagalong’ to my other friend but abut two weeks later I got on my Facebook and I looked up to my little blue bar with a red 2 popping out I had two new friend request. The first one was some guy who probably just clicked my name off the people you may know box and the second read across the screen

Christopher Lee.

I anticipate for a second what to do my friend likes him but it probably doesn’t mean anything it took me 10 seconds to move my mouse across the screen slowly and click the accept button and in that 7 seconds the 7 seconds It took me to click that one little 6 letter word with a box around it little did I know I would be changing my future creating my last tomorrows memories. Memories that will shape me as a person, memories I will have shared with

Christopher Lee.

It took about 20 seconds for him to realize that I was online and message me. To my surprise we HIT IT OFF big time! I mean we just always had the perfect things to say we never had a dull moment and we were just perfect it seemed, I mean he was so nice. I really liked him and it wasn’t hard to see that he liked me back. Suddenly I was asking myself were has this kid been my whole life. How did I ever live without him? But that’s beside the point at least I have him now. And I will never let anything come between us. It took about a month for my friend to realize I had stolen her man. She wasn’t really that mad but things changed between us but I didn’t care Chris was way more important to me at that point and nothing else mattered.

Before you know it we were telling each other our dreams, our deepest darkest secrets the thoughts we constantly pondered but wouldn’t dare tell another soul. A couple months went by and we were stronger than ever we had been through the worst of the worst family deaths, fights over stupid stuff. You name it we fought about it. Overall he was there for me and I believe I did my job in returning the favor.

It’s been more than a year now, since I have known Chris and it has been the best roller coaster ride time that I think I will ever have. And I hope that the ride continues.

Chris has truly made a huge impact in my life because he has helped me to persevere. Since I met him I have been getting WAY better grades in school and going t church more and just being more kind and compassionate to other human beings and he has helped me learn a lot of life lessons on how to treat others, how to consider others feelings and he has just shaped me t be a much better person. The person I am today it is because f him that I can put a smile on my face and make help everyone else even when I cannot even help myself. I think that even if I do break up with Chris or something happens that makes it to were one of us can’t be there that I will continue to carry with me everything I have learned from him and continue t excel at everything I didn’t do well in before I met him.

Christopher Lee.

Another way he has shaped my life is just simply being there because I have never really had many friends and the ones I did have all left. But not him he has always been there for me no matter how much it hurt him I have never met anyone who has been so caring towards me like him.

I hope he never leaves and I highly doubt he plans on it Chris has overall affected me in so many ways, the impact he has made on my life can never be erased not like that s a bad thing…..I thank him truly from the bottom of my heart for everything he has done for me. The one person I am Shure will never forget

Christopher Lee.

The author's comments:
this was a school project so i decided to have fun with it and write about my boyfriend
Christopher Lee

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