My Concussion

October 28, 2011
By donny BRONZE, Bedford, Kentucky
donny BRONZE, Bedford, Kentucky
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It was like ninety degrees two summers ago so we decided to make a homemade slip and slide so we got a tarp and laid it down on a hill and took the water hose and put it on the tarp and turned it on and got the tarp wet and we started sliding down it. My step brother Jake went inside for a second so I thought I would try to slide down on my feet and I got half way down the hill and I fell and hit my head hard on the ground and then my step brother come back and I told him I hit my head and we didn’t think nothing about it. Are mechanic finally showed up so we had to go help him fix something so we put the tarp up and turned the water off and went and changed clothes. Then we went back outside and started working and I kept asking the same question and everyone thought I was joking so they didn’t tell anyone then it was about time for my mom to get home so I called her and we talked and then I started crying and said that something isn’t right and she was like what do you mean I was like I can’t remember anything and it was blurry all day and so she come up there and got me and from the shop to the house which is about 400ft I asked what day it was three times so I had to call my dad and tell him what’s wrong and he didn’t know either so she took me to the hospital and I had to get a cat scan to see if there was anything wrong but they didn’t find anything so they told my mom to keep an eye on me so we went home and ate supper then we set down and watched tv and went to bed the next morning they said I would puke but I didn’t so we had to get everything ready so I could go to my dad’s at 5:30 so we left and I went to my dad’s. it impacted me because I thought I wasn’t ever going to remember anything and I would have to always watch what I did but they told me I wouldn’t remember anything for a couple of days and I needed to watch what I did for a couple of days.

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