Not So Blue Eyes

October 27, 2011
By LewLew93 BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
LewLew93 BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
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Everyone has a favorite thing about themselves, mine is my eyes. They are big and bright blue, for the most part. In my left eye there is a small patch of hazel that for the past few years has been progressively getting larger. I have what my friends like to call an eye freckle. This trait is unique to me; I have never met anyone else with eyes like mine. I’m sure there are probably other people out there with a spot of a different color in their eye, but I like to think that I’m the only one.
It amazes people when they first notice, even people that I have known for years. When friends see my eye freckle for the first time they grab my head, hold it still, stare into my eyes and say, “whoa,” with a gasp while pointing and almost poking me in the eye as if they were trying to pop a bubble. For the next few days after they discover this people tend to stare at my eye whenever they get the chance as if the freckle belonged to an alien. Sometimes it seems like people are giving me weird looks when in reality they are stretching their neck like a student in the back row trying to take notes in order to catch a glimpse of my eye freckle.
Teachers, pastors, parents, and other people who influence many lives always claim that “there is something special about everyone” and I know what is special about me. I’m unique in a way all my own and I like knowing that. Even if I didn’t have my lovely eye freckle, I love my bright blue eyes, but the freckle just makes me feel that much more special.

The author's comments:
I submitted a somewhat better version of this as a college essay, feel free to give opinions.

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