Bunnies and Yellow Tulips

October 24, 2011
By JulieJK BRONZE, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
JulieJK BRONZE, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
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I never forgot about this memory. It happened when I was about 7 years old, I believe.

There were these boys, ranging from the age of 6 to 10, that would use a stick to poke inside a hole. The hole was about the size of my head at that time. It was hidden near a large tree and the shadow, that cast over it, hid it from the sun's rays.

Curious, I walked over to them and asked them what they were doing.

They replied that they were trying to see the animal that was inside the hole.

As an animal lover, I started to scold the boys for hurting innocent animals and told them to simply leave the animals be.

However, boys will be boys. They simply told me to get lost and resumed on poking the hole.

I remember that I was furious, insulted by the comment and determined to defend the animals. I must have fought them and won because I know that I place yellow tulips near the hole afterwards.

Saying good-bye and limping a little as I walked back home, I glanced back at the hole every now and then.

From that day on, every time I passed that hole I would place yellow tulips next to it, praying that the animals were fine. This happened daily.

Quickly, the pile of yellow tulips was almost overflowing next to the hole.

Where did I get those tulips? I honestly don't remember. Perhaps it was from the public garden next to it? Or was it wild?

Either way, my parents noticed what I was doing for the past week or so.

They asked me about it and I told them of what had happened. Having a strange expression, they smiled at me and told me to go to bed since it was late.

About 3 days later, I woke up around midnight.

I was a very light sleeper back then.

Quietly walking down the stairs, I saw my parents tying their shoelaces.

They looked surprised to see me, but not angered by the fact that I was awake.

Telling me to get my coat, they allowed me to follow them.

The moon was bright and the night was dark. I felt the chilly breeze every now and then.

I held my parents' hands as they led me somewhere, it was much too dark for me to see where we were going.

To my surprise, we meet up with a bunch of the neighborhood's parents and adults. They also seemed surprised to see me too.

My parents stopped to talk to them for a bit then we resumed towards our destination with them.

We arrived at the hole.

There was a women with short, orange hair standing next to the yellow tulips that I had placed. She was wearing a blue jacket with some green strips on them.

Immediately, my parents and the other adults went to work. They carefully kneed down to the hole and took out 5 baby rabbits.

I gasped in amazement, the bunnies were absolutely adorable and had their eyes shut. I believed they were asleep or it was the flashlight that caused them to closed their eyes.

The orange-haired women took them and walked away with some other adults. My parents took my hand and led me back home.

Bewildered by the events going on, I asked them questions.

Turns out that the mother rabbit hasn't been returning so the adults of the neighborhood agreed to call a wildlife rehabilitation. Seemed like the orange-haired women was from that organization and took the bunnies else-where. Somewhere safer for them.

That was about where my memory ended. I can't remember anything after that point. Not even where this happened. Just this memory of bunnies and yellow tulips.

The author's comments:
Perhaps when people read this, they will be more considerate of defenseless animals.

Also, I always wanted to thank those neighborhood's adults.

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