My True Story of Me and My Boyfriend

October 28, 2011
By Anonymous

There was a boy named Eric who I started to date and now when ever I’m in school I can’t be without him. Now that I am not with him school decides to give me counseling to get over the stress that I have in me. When I’m not with Eric I cry my eyes out trying to skip school to be with him. So now that I skipped school they give me a detention after school on 10/25/11 it starts at 2:25 and ends at 3:25. So my mom will be deciding what days I can hang out with my boyfriend and what days I can’t. So last week on 10/8/11 or 10/17/11 I ran away and ran to my boyfriend’s house so my mom called the police and started looking for me and I was out at 12pm and came home at 6pm and she knew I was with him. So now I can’t be home alone and if I leave the house without my mom knowing she will take me somewhere that I will never be able to see him again. This is a true story about me. So I started to go to counseling and I talked about being without my boyfriend for a day in school. And now I will start telling myself “let myself I’ll get through the day just think about being with him after school and get all my schoolwork done and pass.”So now I think I am doing better after I told myself that.

Today my boyfriend Eric drove me to school that made me happy for just 1st period and homeroom and also like yesterday it was the same as always I had another emotional breakdown in 2nd period because I miss my boyfriend Eric. So I just want to walk out of school and go home but I have detention after school today. And if I walk out I will receive another detention from my principle. And also my boyfriend has work today at 5:00pm and I get out of detention at 3:25pm so he won’t be able to pick me up because he has to be at work at 4:30pm. So now I feel like killing myself from all my emotions combining together. Eric is the only person that makes me happy but when I am not with him I am sad and cry. But when I am with him I am happy and try and get through the day without him. But I don’t think I can get through the day anymore I don’t even think I can get through any day actually. So if my detention goes well today my mom might let my boyfriend pick me up after school tomorrow. All I just hope is that she will say YES and if she does I will be so happy. But for some reason Eric is different from the other boys I dated because he is nice, sweet, caring, protective, and also trustworthy then the other boys. My mom says he will just do the same thing as them but I don’t think he will since I knew him for 5 years. But all I hope is that he won’t do the same then I actually might kill myself for sure. So I just hope no one reads this story of mine I started because then I will never be able to see him again.

Today I got picked up and was driven to school by my boyfriend Eric. So I also stood at his 2nd period classroom room 234. But he just walked past me after I told him this morning I would wait at his classroom so we could hang out for lunch. So I will have to ask my friend if I can use her phone to remind him that he is picking me up and has to be here at 2:10pm. So all I just hope is that she will say yes because I just want to tell him “Don’t forget to be here at 2:10 since I will be coming out at 2:13.” Let’s just hope I will be hanging out with him today also because if I can’t then I don’t know what I’ll do to myself today.

The author's comments:
This story is true I will be adding more to it each day so I hope people will think of what to say to help me with my emotions.

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