Two Hearts, 321 Miles

October 24, 2011
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They say it will never work. They say we will never make it. At one point, I would have believed them. Guys never looked at me twice at my school. Outside school, I was the pretty girl you saw in the store or at a game or going for a run. Someone that was a joy to look at, but someone you really did not bother to get to know.

My prince came to me on a cold, early spring day. He had an athletic build and a quick, contagious smile. Best of all, he was the child of a dairy farmer just like me. We spent a whole day of competition together and at the end we exchanged numbers. I couldn’t help but think that it was too good to be true.

Turns out, it was. 321 miles separated us from each other. For some odd reason (call it fate, if you will), we still talked. Our phone conversations never lasted under an hour. Every night we did not talk was a restless one. Both of us maintained flirty personalities which made it a little difficult to spring into a committed relationship.

Somehow, we made it work. My “happy prince” makes the long journey for the special events in my life, and I am jumping for the chance to do the same for him. One memorable homecoming year, he drove all the way in his new Corvette and calmed me down after a hair fiasco. My hair would not curl the way I wanted it, so he calmly took my curling iron and did it himself. I must say, he did a great job. That night, I became incredibly sick after he left. When he got home, he stayed on the phone until two a.m. with me, amidst the retching and vomiting sounds I was making.

He pulled me out of that, as he pulls me out of everything. The day will be horrible and one call from him puts a smile and a laugh back onto my face. Our good-byes are always bitter sweet. Both of us ball our eyes out, then pick ourselves up and start back into it, counting the months until we get to see each other again.

We are young seventeen yearolds. They told us it would never work. There is seemingly no way for two young teenagers to keep a love up when you never get to see the other. Our parents still believe we are insane, but somehow 321 miles seems like nothing when two hearts are connected. They told us it would never work, but look at us still going strong. The future is uncertain, but for now we make it work with all the love in our hearts. It is possible to have a long distance love.

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