October 21, 2011
It’s a new chapter, a new chapter of my life, a new chapter of my hope, a new chapter of my happiness. What does that mean, a new chapter? What on earth could this indicate in the major scheme of what is called my lifetime? When these words escape from my lips I’m communicating to you the idea of a beginning, and when I say that, I don’t mean to start from scratch. I mean to create a beginning after I’ve experienced an end, to create a beginning that builds off of what I’ve learned, that is enriching. We experience many ends in our lives. The end of a friendship, the end of old habits, the end of a life that belongs to someone you love, the end of the person you were to become the person you are. This chapter, right here, right now... it’ll be different. Like the chapter of a book, it leaves off at a point of suspense to begin in an unexpected direction, to explore a new path, to delve deeper into the pages. The only difference now, is that it’s my story of truth. Words are no longer my imaginary comfort, pages are no longer my ideas of fantasy, chapters are no longer my means of escape. These words, pages, and chapters are me, slowly forming a book, one chapter at a time.

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