The Mental Health Unit

October 19, 2011
By , Keokuk, IA
Depression Sucks. It takes over your life. I know that many people out there don't believe that depression actually exist, or that its real. I can tell you from first hand experience that it is VERY real.

I was 13 when it happened. When my life changed. It was as simple as two men not caring that I was only a little girl, and that I said 'no'. After that, my world slowly fell apart. From things that sound incredibly stupid, like my dog dying, to things that would have really got someones atittion if i dared to talk about it, like being in an abusive relationship. It was 6 months into that relationship when I began to medicate myself, not with drugs at first, but with self harm: cutting mainly. Finally when I got out of the relationship is when I fell in touch with the wrong crowd and started doing drugs.

I thought my life was amazing, that was until I got caught. By the time my parents confronted me about the blood and the weed smell they had found in my clothes, and snuck into my room to check over my body, I was gone. Way gone. I had stopped caring long before, and had given up on life. I was very sucidal. When my parents found out about that tid-bit, is when they decided to send me away.

I was rushed to the hospital. All I know from that night is what I was told later. I remember being in the car, then out, and back in. What I dont remember is the hosptial, the drive, the walk up to 3 East, the Mental Health Unit. I remember sitting in front of a creepy older lady who asked my tons and tons of questions, I just dont remember what.

The next thing I know is being examined by the same lady, asking me about every cut and scar I had on my body. Then having Chuck take me to my room, and tell me that they would let me sleep in in the morning since I didnt get to the hospital until 6 am.

I spent 11 days in the place, being locked in a room. Being treated like a monkey in a cage. Being told when to do everything. Hell, I couldnt even get a drink without a nurse going with me. Ive been on many medications. Treated like Im nothing. Been on sucide watch. You name it, Ive dealt with it.

Baicly what Im trying to say is... Depression is real, It consumes your life. There is no 'just getting over it'. Some people, most people never get help. Im glad I did.

As of now, Im working on bettering myself. Now when life throws those fantastic little curves at me, I can handle them better. I just want people to know that they are not alone. Being depressed doesnt make you weak. Really your stronger than every one else.

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