Don't give up!

October 25, 2011
By , kandy, Sri Lanka
Everything was perfect. I had very good friends who were always there to help me , share my thoughts , happiness and sorrows.

I had everything anyone would want to have in one's school.I also did well in my studies.Most of all i was
able to make my parents happy and proud of me.While everything was so perfect, things changed.My father had to
leave the country and we had to shift to where my cousins and relatives lived , though the thought that i was going to live with my relatives made me happy, i can't explain how painful it was to leave,but i had to make my mind to go live there ,Had no choice.This was the beginning of the biggest sorrow i underwent so far.

As we had shifted, i had to get admitted to new school, where, i thought, i could make more friends
and experience new stuff.I was wrong.The first day itself was terrible.None of my classmates came to speak with me,they treated me like i was part of the walls , but then, i thought 'It's only my first day, things would definitely get
better'..Days, weeks and months passed.Again, i was wrong; what i had been facing was not the usual 'first day problem'.None of them wanted to be friends with me.I tried my best to find a friend, i didn't know what went wrong.No friends.
After having lived with good friends, and achieving a lot, this was like hell to me.I would always leave home for school with a lump in my throat, tears rolling down my eyes, praying that the day should be fine.Sitting at the corner of the class, with no one to share my ideas with, was awfully disturbing.I would keep looking at the clock , desperately wanting time to pass quickly.Whenever i hear the phone ringing in school i would think, 'It should be mom who's calling, she should say she wants to take me early from school today'.Whenever a teacher praised me, my classmates would shoot an angry ,jealous look at me whereas, in my old school, my friends were happy whenever i was appreciated.My classmates in the new school would put things that are not allowed to bring to school into my big , so that i would get caught.They would hide my books and not let me do my work.Worst of all,my class was known as the worst',which was the total opposite in my old school.All those days in that school, i kept crying every time, i couldn't enjoy at all, not even outside school,the memories of it kept running in my mind.I would get angry very quickly and shout at my brother and sister for no reason, i knew this was because of my school.I couldn't keep control of my sorrow. It ruled me.Every time i take my books to study , i open them to see my teardrops on it.I actually thought i would go mad.My mother would keep advising me not to lose hope.She kept saying 'This is only until you finish your is full of challenges, we've got to face them'.She tried her best to encourage me and bring back the old 'me'.I saw how much she suffered looking at me, I had changed lot.

The thought that I was the cause for my mother's worry , (for the first time) bothered heavily.Then, i decided, not to bother about how others treated me , and to bother only about my studies and started studying for my final exams, though it was too late.I able to pass in all my subjects.I am continuing with my advanced level studies now and doing well.I left school joined another, where i found very good friends and teachers. My mom seeing me come home after school with a smile, after three years.The old 'me' is back!!!

'Remember, never give up, no matter what the problem is, believe there is hope as long as you live'

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Sabee said...
Mar. 4, 2012 at 2:24 am
this is what happened to me when i first went to that school..remind me lot about the past...really interesting one
hey.girl said...
Nov. 11, 2011 at 10:38 am

wow!!what a best exaple story 4 d ppl

who give up hopes!!


Muzee3 said...
Oct. 28, 2011 at 9:33 pm

This I sy... I wud have punched those class mates, if I had seen it!

This is just what should come as experience! LOvEly article.

I want more of yours!

zee11 said...
Oct. 28, 2011 at 9:25 pm
Wow!!Awesome are right...we should always have hope,no matter what!keep it u!!!
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