There is HOPE

October 17, 2011
By Anonymous

The hallways filled with tears and red eyes. The normal chatter and noise was now silent, it was like a ghost town. Fifteen minutes ago the students of our schools lives were rattled, shaken and changed forever. A friend, a boyfriend, a classmate, a crush was gone, erased from this changing earth, but most definitely not erased from our unchanging hearts. He was called away to soon, but the angels rejoiced when he came through those pearly gates, celebrating that he is now in paradise, watching over us and showing us there is HOPE in the darkest of times.

We gathered together, people I had never seen, never spoke a word too were hugging me, I was hugging them, we were in a world of hurt and pain and we needed a shoulder to lean on. We called our parents, friends and told them the news. We cried together with all of our hurt and pain, we wore our hearts on our sleeves that day. We laughed, reminiscing the good times we had with him. But most of all we wondered, we prayed and we HOPED that there was something good to come out of this awful tragedy, it seemed like we were in a deep, dark, relentless tunnel, but in all reality the light was close and shinning brighter than all the sun, moons and stars combined. HOPE, what we clung to, we wished for, we comforted each other with, it was the only thing keeping each one of us going.

The day began and it ended like an other day, but never again would I live my life yearning for a tomorrow. It happened so fast, and my eyes were opened that there will always be a yesterday but a tomorrow is never a guarantee, that is when I realized each day is a gift and I must use it, live it and cherish it to the fullest. The following day, a bitter cold night, we filled the stadium cemented stands with candles and tears. The sheet that hung outside on the rusting fence held notes, written by a thousand hands, but sown together with one purpose, HOPE. The candle lights flickered and faded away as the memorial went on, but the yearning in our hearts burned strong like the light you have left us with. The opposite side of the football field the away bleachers were filled with lights spelling out HOPE in a yellow glow. As each single flame appeared we became aware of your presence and your vision for our class, our school, our community and our world. Where there is a WILL there is a WAY, and we had a WILL to LIVE and spread your light with your HOPE.

Your family and your friends have this passion for you Will, a burning passion to keep your name and message going. The class of 2014 is no longer a sea of familiar faces with little love and few words, we are a family, we are one. You changed our lives in so many ways, it is truly unbelievable. The HOPE you have given us is what keeps us going through this rough patch in life, we all miss you more than words can describe but I know for sure you are in a better place, a place with God and guitars and lacrosse. I wish you could see how you are impacting us down here, but I am sure you are looking over those fluffy white clouds with those clear blue eyes. I miss you Will.

The author's comments:
In loving memory of Will.

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