A Day to Advocate

October 18, 2011
By Chloe Scott BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
Chloe Scott BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
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While sitting at lunch in your average high school what do you see? Students outside conversing or maybe even laughing would be the typical response, but through the eyes of a teenager insight is much greater. On a beautiful sunny day outside at lunch, I sit with my coterie conversing deeply and laughing as our typical “lunch bunch” routinely does. At a glimpse this day seemed to be a great one, but little did I know that it was going to be beyond that.

In disgust, I witness a poor innocent student being hit in his face as countless water bottles are beamed at his body. I was always brought up to have zero tolerance for bullying due to personal experience with it when I was younger. I digress- I continue to observe this scene, waiting for the precise time to intervene. A bottle is beamed once more and at that instant I had had enough, so I rise up and walk over to the bullies. “Excuse Me?”, I say as I tap the ring leader on the shoulder, “How would you like it if that kid retaliated, hit you, and beamed water bottles at your body?”. The ring leader just blankly stares at me and then begins laughing hysterically as if what I had just said was comical. While he is laughing, I size up this bully. Now you couldn’t tell that he would be the bullying type because he also appeared small and meek as his prey and occasionally would stay to himself with the exception of his entourage being absent from lunch. Continuing my conversation with him I point my finger as I firmly say that if he does anything else to harm that poor boy I will be the first person up here to deal with him, but I gave him the optimal option of “or would you prefer an administrator?”. As I returned to my seat with my coterie I pondered and hoped that this boy caught my drift.

I felt eyes staring at me as I went to return to my seat. As I turned around I lock eyes with the curly headed boy I took up for. I couldn’t read what was on his mind at the moment or get the slightest bit of expression from his face. He just glanced at me over the tip of his glasses for merely a second before he continued to put his head down and mind his own beeswax; not bothering a soul.
Advocating is something I am not afraid to do. That day I walked away with such a good feeling in my heart that I could stop something that could have been avoided from the start. If more people would step out of the box and continue to advocate no bullying in our schools today, then some of this pointless high school fights and drama could cease.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece because of my experience that day. I wanted to be able to share this with the world and hope they understand that things like this happen to students everyday. I know what it feels like and I am sure many others can relate.

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