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October 16, 2011
By ReadingFanatic SILVER, St. Louis, Missouri
ReadingFanatic SILVER, St. Louis, Missouri
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I’m a music junkie. You know the kind that has over 850 songs on their I-Pod, always have a song in their head, and know pretty much every song on the radio and who it’s by?
Yeah, those people.
I guess it all started with one thing. Dance. In dance, we warm up to all genres of music. In jazz class, we go to a hip hop beat of Evacuate the Dance Floor by Cascada, to a calming version of Your Song by Ellie Goulding. As I stretched, I listened to the music. If the song seemed interesting, I would tuck in a few lines of lyrics in my head, and search it on Google when I got home.
Ok, so as it turns out Google isn’t always right. I’ve prowled for hours on virus-clotted sights to find the song. Sometimes I would give up, and sometimes, I would just listen closer to the music. (E.g. I spent a year looking for a song, and I finally found it)
Now you’re asking, why? Why do I care about one song so much?
To be honest, I don’t know. I think it’s because I’m curious, maybe because the lyrics speak to me, maybe because it can relate to me.
Almost every song I listen to that I enjoy relates to me. Even though the only relationship I’ve been in lasted 3 days, I change the song’s meaning. Someone breaking your heart? It’s not my ex, it’s a friend. Feeling giddy inside, and in love? It’s because a new episode of Glee is on. (Ok, bad example, but my inner fan-girl had to chime in) Basically, I’ll change the song’s main message to make it my own.
I also have so many songs by listening to all types of music. On my I-Pod (aka, my life support), I have classical music (Vitamin String Quartet), pop (Lady Gaga), rock (Fall Out Boy), oldies (Bruce Springsteen), and punk (Green Day). I made it clear since I was little, that I did not want to be average, defined by one genre of music that would shape who I am.
Because honestly in today’s world we categorize people on their music choices. They like pop music? They must be an air head. Enjoy punk? They’re obviously emo. You listen to classical music? You are such a nerd.
As you can see, I refuse to be judged by these stereotypes. Instead, I’ll listen to whatever I want, thank you very much.

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