October 16, 2011
By whenigrowup BRONZE, Manton, Michigan
whenigrowup BRONZE, Manton, Michigan
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I feel like everything in mu body wadded up into a ball and fell into the middle of my stomach. I try to swallow but my throat is closing. Not even water will go down. I shut my eyes for a few seconds the open them,tears. I couldn't even stop them for rolling down my face. My heart starts beating. Will it beat right out of my chest? My breathing is heavy, i don't understand. As im gasping for breath and wiping tears from my reddened face, feelings my heart about to explode confusing takes over me. my mind racing. whats going on? then i calm. i take deep soundful breaths. the feeling of my heart slowing brings me back. im fine. im ok.

The author's comments:
i was having a panic attack and did the one thing i now how to do. write. and i made myself feel better.

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