2 Years Later

October 18, 2011
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I sit here 2 years later wondering what happened between us, where did I go wrong, where did you go wrong, where did we go wrong. 4 years ago we met, I was new to this town and you welcomed me into your warm yet cold arms, then you couldn’t carry me in your arms anymore. So you just let go and I fall into a never ending abyss then I feel something grab my arm but its not you its someone else. Someone better and stronger than you, someone that wouldn’t let me go, as she helped me up. I was starting to forgive you then “IT” came along then you changed, you weren’t you. Then I started to change but when I changed it helped me not fall again, it helped me realize who you really were. I now know you feed off peoples anger, sorrow and the drought…..there forgiveness. You didn’t love me for me, you loved me for who I wasn’t, the day you left me it was the day you made one of the greatest choices of your life, you drained me of everything I stood for, you made me push away the people that I needed the most. But that’s alright you made me a better person, you made me into me, you made me become Morgan the real Shaye Harris, so I don’t know what to call this letter, anger, sorrow or just a simple thank you. Thank you for giving me some of the best moments of my life, but yet some of the worst.

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