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October 13, 2011
By SammV. BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
SammV. BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
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My favorite room in my house is my room. It’s where I’m at 90% of the time. It’s pretty roomy, its not too big yet not too small. My bed is what I absolutely love out of my room. From my point of view it’s the most comfortable bed in the house. It’s pretty huge too, it’s a queen bed. The sheets are white and the pillows are a bright, colorful red, my comforter that goes on top of my bed, and that I use as blanket, is green and fluffy.

On the wall my bed is against I have four black paintings that have vintage designs on them. They say love, hope, faith, and dream; they’re lined up top to bottom in a diagonal line. On the wall next to it I have another painting of a beach with the sun coming up. There are two palm trees next to two beach chairs on what seems the porch of a beach house. I love every single one of my paintings in my room; they complete the room and give a calm aura to the room.

To the right of the wall with the painting of the beach is my closet. When you open it there’s a long mirror that covers half of the door. The mirrors surrounded by pictures of my family and old birthday cards I’ve kept throughout my many birthdays. Inside the closet I have a shelf full of clothes. Below it is the rest of my clothes on hangers. On the floor I have two albums full of family pictures my mom put together.

In front of the closet there’s a little table that is to the left of my bed. On top of the table I have a zebra print lamp and a Barbie decorated box I’ve kept since I was about 6 years old, with a picture of my dad and his birth certificate.

In the corner of my room is my TV and on top of it I have a picture frame my friend Rebecca gave me for Christmas last year. The frame has a verse out of the bible that’s from proverbs 17:17. I always look at the frame when I feel down, I love it, and it’s the reason why I keep it on top of my TV.

Next to the TV I have another table where I keep these two porcelain dolls that my ant gave me when I was about 5 years old. No matter how many times I wanted to take them out of their box and play with them, I never did. Until this day they remain in their box. Aside the dolls I have a whole bunch of makeup, and an award I won last year for some kind of poetry contest.

There’s not much to my room it’s pretty plain and simple, but what makes it my favorite place to be at is that it’s my own to claim and keep. It’s my sanctuary, and where I am at peace.

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