The "Inevitable"

October 16, 2011
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When the papers were sent to the house, i had to sit down for awhile. They said it would it happen. The "Inevitable" had been decided ten years before, but it never really seemed possible. There was never any real proof. The "Inevitable" was over in the blink of an eye. In three pen strokes, my family was ripped from my hands, torn apart, thrown on the ground, and stomped on. In three pen strokes... we became a broken family. I had imagined this moment ever since i was just a little girl, but in my head... it was different. I foolishly hoped for years that it would be dramatic, that it would be a long, grueling process. A process that was hard to take. I foolishly hoped that... that this painful experience would force them to suddenly realize their mistake and we would be a family again. I was a stupid child then... I didn't know what I was thinking. What was then a nightmare was now my reality. And the sad part is... I didn't mind.

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